Features iBabe

A platform made to connect visitors with performers.

  • Support Performers

    You can support your favorite performer by tipping them with iBabe tokens, and in return you get what you desire.

  • Watch Exclusive Content

    To watch content from performers you have to pay a fee in iBabe tokens. The models set their own price.

  • Live Chat

    Have a live chat with the performers that are online on the platform, and tell them your fantasies.

  • Create Content

    The platform is not only for visitors that are watching the performers. You can also sign up to become a performer.

  • Connect With Performers

    Connect with the performers on the platform and save them in your following list.

  • Earn Tokens

    If you are a performer you can earn tokens from visitors which you can sell for cash.

How It Works?

iBabe works is pretty easy to understand. Here are a few steps:

Buy $BABE Token

You buy $BABE token with any currency to top up your budget on our platform.

Find Performer

You pick the performers you would like to see the exclusive content from and add them to your list.


You enjoy exclusive content, token pay per minute to live view and other offers.

Track Token Value in The App

Follow the chart of $BABE to stay update on the value of your tokens. Live available in the app.

Easy to Use

Connect your wallet and keep track on your spendings and value of your tokens.

Monitor & Manage

Sell, buy or spend your tokens on performers. One platform that keeps track of everything.

Stay Connected

Connect to your favorite performers and support them. Stay updated with their latest content.

Roadmap iBabe

What’s next

Q4 2021

  • ✓ Agreements with Performers
  • ✓ Agreements with Adult Industry Influencers
  • ✓ Publishing Whitepaper v1
  • ✓ Raise Funds for iBabe
  • ✓ Design & Develop iBabe Platform (preparing the development team and tech requirements)

Q1 2022

  • ✓ Private Presale
  • ✓ Develop Smart Contract
  • ✓ Design Architecture of iBabe Platform
  • ✓ Programming Phase (Model Interface, Member Interface, Admin Interface)
  • ✓ Marketing on Multiple Platforms
  • ✓ Develop On-Demand Prepaid Content Function (future use with NFT platform)
  • ✓ Design & Develop iBabe Platform Continues
  • ✓ Expand Agreements with New Influencers
  • ✓ Launch of The Machine Learning Feature (AI) for Interactive Content Presentation (TikTok Like)

Q2 2022

  • • Public Presale
  • • Token Launch
  • • CMC and CG Listing
  • • Launch of iBabe Platform
  • • Audit Smart Contract
  • • Develop iBabe NFT MarketPlace
  • • Social Media and TV Advertisement
  • • Listing on Exchanges

Q3 2022

  • • Launch NFT Platform
  • • NFT AirDrops With our Top Performers
  • • iBabe Marketing for Models and Members

Q4 2022

  • • Time for Metaverse
  • • Integration with Multiple Metaverse Platforms
  • • AR Adult Toys Integration in The Platform
  • • Prepaid VR live Shows and VR Content for Sale

Our Team

Our hard working team on this project.

Alex Gurau

Alex Gurau

CEO & Co-Founder

Specialized in Blockchain Revolution and Financial Services.

Bogdan Dumitrescu

Bogdan Dumitrescu

Project Manager & Co-Founder

Adult business advisor since 2008, Founder and CEO of AMP Holding.

Zenja Gammer

Zenja Gammer

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Owner at Zenzdesign since 2005, Winner Good Design Award 2021.

Victor Mătăsaru

Victor Mătăsaru

Head Social Management

Owner at YES Studio, An Adult Entertainment Webcam Industry.

Remus Bala

Remus Bala

Head of Marketing Strategies

Marketing Specialist and Advisor in The Telecom Industry.



Community Leader

Catalin Miloș

Catalin Miloș

CTO & Blockchain Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions people ask most.

The platform will be released in Q2 of 2022. The exact date will be announced.

The Private Sale will be on our website. The Presale will be on PinkSale. Once the token is launched, you can buy it on PancakeSwap.

Join our community on Telegram where we share the latest news and updates about iBabe.

The token iBabe will launch on the Binance Smart Chain. We are planning to expand iBabe to different blockchains after we launch the first version of our platform.

Once the platform is released you will be able to join as a performer.